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Welcome to SlieaGen!

Enhancing the Quality of Human Life Through Commercial Biotechnical Research

Successfully Completed CDC Inspection: October 2023

SlieaGen is a clinical research organization and biorepository
for thousands of biological specimens of worldwide infectious and non-infectious diseases.


While adhering to stringent IRB/IEC approved protocols and guidelines,
SlieaGen offers access to a diverse multitude of patient consented specimens. 


Our foremost goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing high-quality
biospecimens and to offer our meticulous collection standards to successfully assist
in all of your research and clinical needs. 

What We Do

SlieaGen offers high quality specimens and clinical services to In-vitro Diagnostic, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. 

With its network of efficient global principal investigators and clinical resources, SlieaGen is able to bring the products under trial to the market faster than its competitors.

Comprehensive Clinical Services 




Design of Collection Protocols

compliant informed consents



COVID-19 depiction
Bioluminesce -Image by David Clode

How We Do It

Custom Solutions

Our Quality Standards are based on the industry’s best clinical practices with strict adherence to regulatory standards.

We strive to provide the highest level of customer service to satisfy our client expectations and go to great lengths (occasionally very remote areas) to find the solution to our client's specimen requirements.

High Quality Specimens and Services

With a proven track record in the collection of difficult to source samples, we exceed our client’s requirements for high-quality specimens and services.


Our experienced team of well-trained professionals and unparalleled industry experts, work diligently to maintain a well-established Quality System employing Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) that enables us to efficiently & effectively partner with our clients and contribute to the path of disease eradication.

Research and Planning with Integrity

Protecting the welfare and privacy of Donors is our top priority.  Towards that end, we:


  • Operate under a CDC Import Permit for a substantial array of bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic specimens

  • Collect all specimens under IRB/IEC/MOH approved protocols with patient consent

  • Operate under a Quality System compliant with FDA regulations, ISO 9001:2015 standards, current Good Clinical Practice (cGCP), current Good Laboratory Practice (cGLP) and industry best practices

  • Current IRB/IEC approvals in 23 different countries and growing



SlieaGen maintains the facility and staff to guarantee that our research partners will get the specimens they request – on time with no loss in sample integrity.


SlieaGen. Probing the Unknown.

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